Gigi Hadid’s Maybelline Jetsetter Palette Sold Out In 90 Minutes

Gigi Hadid‘s Jetsetter Palette for Maybelline went on sale on this past Friday and it sold out within 90 minutes.


The inspiration behind the Jetsetter palette came from Hadid’s personal inflight makeup kit which includes:

  • neutral eyeshadows
  • concealer
  • lip gloss
  • contouring powder
  • highlighter
  • blusher stripes
  • and a miniature mascara

Gigi Hadid's Maybelline Jetsetter Palette Sold Out In 90 Minutes

Since 2015, Gigi has been the face of the Maybelline but now has created her own line with the mega beauty brand, making the Jetsetter palette the first product to launch from her collaborative collection.

So if you missed out on the palette this time, sign up for updates here.



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