How To Look Festive: Style Guide

With the Christmas spirit slowly seeping in, we’re all getting the Christmas goosebumps; the tree is almost out, Christmas lights are already about to pop from the storage and everyone is getting super exciting about gathering the family in one place.


Naturally, with the festive energy, there comes the excitement for all the fantastic Christmas discounts and fabulous winter fashion; time to pull out those ultra chic mid-thigh boots you’ve been keeping safe for winter and pair them with that extraordinary fur coat of your, girl – it’s cold outside!

This Years Winter-Chic Suggestions:

How To Look Festive: Style Guide
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Choices are plenty and they all depend on the occasion; here, let’s have a break-down of our favorite style pieces:


Keep your skinny jeans in check with your bundled-up top half styled up and combined with sharp accessories for splash.

A heavy coat will be balanced out with the slim leg and patent accessories – so, no need to worry about looking frumpy.

How To Look Festive: Style Guide
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Aren’t we all sick of wearing our huge winter coats day in and day out?

Sure we are!

That’s why, this time around, we suggest switching things up by wearing a sleek cape with a lot less fabric and almost as much warmth.

Get the cape in a fresh color (red, deep green, yellow, etc), a theme (i.e. nautical-inspired) or a graphic look (i.e. a reindeer back with a styled up high neck may look amazing) and embrace your chic.


How To Look Festive: Style Guide
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Your favorite (oversized) roomy wrap sweater is finally getting an opportunity to go from couch to street.



Again, the sweater’s bulk will be balanced out by the comfy leggings and your bottom half will look slender and toned. Add leg-lengthening platforms and a waist-defining belt for a chic, cold-proof look!

How To Look Festive: Style Guide
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A safe way to add some girly elegant chic to your winter style is to wear an oversize trapper hat, a chunky beanie or a sleek fedora with your outfit.

For a more elegant option (pre-Christmas dinner with your folks out) go with a hat while something as a coffee with a friend down town invites for a chic, edgy fedora or a beanie.

How To Look Festive: Style Guide
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Festive season is all about joy and happiness, so translate that feeling through your glittery top or your gorgeous chunky statement necklace.

You can wear anything glittery, really – as long as it’s in accents. From shoes to minis, it’s your call.

How To Look Festive: Style Guide
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Do I dress up for our Christmas lunch?

Regardless of your family’s (or your own) Christmas traditions, keeping things chic is always nice; none of those knitted grandma sweaters and trainers, please – this is the time to show off your inner Ice Queen and stun everyone with your style.

Your family Christmas lunch doesn’t mean showing up in a dress you’ve worn so many times that even your nephew who is now seven remembers it from when he was a baby!

Going with something sleek like a pair of dark jeans with a silk blouse and a rich textured overlay may look super luxurious; paired with interesting pieces of jewelry it will add chic and style to the seemingly plain outfit.

Or, you can always go for a ribbed bodycon open-shoulders mid-calves dress and pair it with stud (diamond) earrings. Talk about sass!

Even if you are all about skipping snowflakes and replacing them with a two-week startling Bora Bora experience, you’ll need to stay on point anyhow (yes, we are alluding to wearing a gorgeous Seafolly swimpiece paired with a flattering flowy cardigan for added drama), and you know why?

How To Look Festive: Style Guide
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Because being fashionable in winter is like having good manners – necessary.

Should I change my hair?

That’s entirely up to you.

What we love seeing during winter and Christmas season are easy dos, long locks and generally a laid back hairstyle.

If you feel like you want to add a little chic to your overall look and make a statement with your hair – switch it up to a Jennifer Lawrence-like bob and wave it up. You won’t regret it!

How To Look Festive: Style Guide
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How To Look Festive: Style Guide



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