How To Wear A Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are just one of the many styles that just always managed to stick around.

From distressed to cropped..even light-wash or dark-wash, denim jackets have become more of a staple than ever.

Here are some of our favorite ways to wear a denim jacket:


Denim with Your Favorite LBD

Black goes with everything so when pairing for your favorite black dress with your favorite denim jacket, it’s pretty much a match made in heaven. Right?

How To Wear A Denim Jacket

A White Tee & Black Jeans

This is a look of comfort. A loose fitting white t-shirt is recommended and then completing the look with some skinny black jeans that offer some “give” might be the way to go.

How To Wear A Denim Jacket

Denim on Denim

If you’re going to be bold and pull a denim on denim look, you have to do it right.

Opting for the same denim wash is ideal and letting one piece be the statement maker is key.

How To Wear A Denim Jacket

An Oversized Knit Sweater

Pairing your fav denim jacket and the most perfect oversize knit sweater is a perfect fall look.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Accessorize and finalize your look with your go-to watch and bracelets.

How To Wear A Denim Jacket

Denim & Plaid

Because, well..why not?

Two amazing fashion pieces thrown into one awesome look.

Complete the look with some skinny jeans, Converse sneakers and a messy bun.

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How To Wear A Denim Jacket

Patches Aren’t Just For Backpacks…

You can either purchase a denim jacket with patches already sewn on or you can add them yourself.

Either way, patches on denim jackets are totally in!

How To Wear A Denim Jacket

Dropped Denim Jackets…YAS!

These are amazing with high waisted anything. From high waisted jeans, leggings or even skirts, the cropped denim look is major.

How To Wear A Denim Jacket

Roll ‘Dem Sleeves Up

This is such a relaxed look.

We suggest wearing an oversized denim jacket for this look.

An oversized denim jacket with rolled up sleeves, white tee, black jeans or skirt and white sneakers.

How To Wear A Denim Jacket

Distressed Denim

Pair this denim jacket with your favorite rock shirt and sunnies.

How To Wear A Denim Jacket


These are definitely a statement maker and total perfection for Coachella next year!

How To Wear A Denim Jacket




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