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  • Lifestyle
    How To Keep Up With Your Favorite NBC Shows

    With my super busy schedule that typically goes beyond the standard 9-5, keeping up with the little things that bring some...

    Romana Hai11/29/2015
  • Fashion Advice
    Designer Bags Under $400

    You don’t always have to spend a fortune in order to own a trendy/designer bag. There are designers out there who...

    Romana Hai11/27/2015
  • Fall Fashion
    Tory Burch Key Pieces For 2016

    With the clean lines and the flair of sophistication, it’s hard to resist adding pieces of the Tory Burch collection to...

    Romana Hai11/24/2015
  • Fashion Advice
    21 Times Forever 21 Looked Anything but Budget

    There’s no denying it—Forever 21 has been really killing it recently. Check out 21 of my favorite looks you can shop...

    Romana Hai11/24/2015
  • Fashion Advice
    My Favorite Bomber Jacket from Canada Goose

    Every time i wear this jacket, I always get compliments. It’s one of my absolute favorite jackets because it’s one of...

    Romana Hai11/23/2015
  • Fashion Advice
    Trending Winter Jackets For 2016

    Aside for my ongoing obsession with shoes and bags, the one thing that trumps all in my world of obsessions are...

    Romana Hai11/20/2015
  • Fall Fashion
    Knee High Boots Under $150

    Knee high boots are always a must have for both fall and winter. With that, everyone is totally well aware that...

    Romana Hai11/12/2015
  • Fashion Advice
    30 Pairs of Jeans Under $30

    Whether you’re in college or you work for a company that allows very casual attire, you should always have a few...

    Romana Hai11/11/2015
  • Fashion Advice
    Four Inch Max Rule

    So I always knew this but maybe I just didn’t really want to admit it…to myself at least, that I’m not...

    Romana Hai11/10/2015