Snapchat Spectacles Are Here

Wanna get your hands on those covet Snapchat Spectacles?

Here’s the deal:

These new glasses are being sold by a branded robot. Yep.


But that’s not the catch you were expecting.

The robots location will only be revealed 24 hours in advance, online.

Yeah…you read that right.

To bring you up-to-date, Snap Inc. engineered a pair of sunglasses which are essentially like GoPros but in eyeglass form.

These dual action video recording sunglasses film circular lens footage that is automatically saved to your Snapchat memories.

To record your 30 seconds of footage, you can simply tap a button located on the glasses.

Oh! And these limited-time glasses will retail at $130.


These robots, better known as Snapbots, are considered electronic popup shops that sell the glasses.

So….they’re basically vending machines that look like Spongebob?

The Snapbot made his first appearance in Venice Beach, California, on Nov. 10, 2016.

So, if you happen to come across a Snapbot, simply walk up to it and it should “wake up”, allowing you to then purchase the glasses.

The Snapbot allows you to virtually try on all three colors of the Spectacles before you pick the one to purchase.

You can choose from:

  • black
  • coral
  • and teal.

Once you pick the pair of glasses of your choosing, you pay $130 with your credit card and await the dispensation of your glasses.

In the cylindrical package, you will find some instructions, a charging cord, and a ghost-shaped lens cloth.

To find out when there will be a Snapbot near you, head to the Spectacles website and check out its ever-updating map.

Note: Each person is limited to one purchase per credit card.



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