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  • Beauty Tips & Tricks
    The Best Dry Shampoo recently spent 45+ hours sifting through articles, scouring top lists and recommended brands, consulting with experienced beauty industry experts, and hand-tested...

    Romana Hai07/19/2017
  • Beauty Tips & Tricks
    4 Mistakes You’re Making With Dry Shampoo

    Not waiting for it to absorb. – Wait a couple of minutes before brushing and styling to allow the product to absorb...

    Romana Hai07/29/2016
  • Beauty Tips & Tricks
    Sephora Is Launching Dry Shampoo For Your Makeup Brushes

    Good news for all you lazy b*tches! Sephora is launching a product in April that will make cleaning your makeup brushes super...

    Romana Hai03/08/2016
  • Beauty Tips & Tricks
    How to Apply Dry Shampoo

    Spray your hairline. Begin by spraying your hairline around the face. Be sure to keep the bottle at least a couple of...

    Romana Hai02/25/2016
  • Beauty Tips & Tricks
    Sephora Announces It’s Best Dry Shampoo of 2015

    Sephora just announced its top-selling, aka best selling, dry shampoo of 2015. Are you ready to hear all about it? The honor...

    Romana Hai12/15/2015