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  • Beauty Tips & Tricks
    The Perfect Fall Hair Inspiration For Blondes!

    Is it true? Do blondes have more fun? Check out some of our favorite blonde fall hair looks to get you...

    Sabrina Hewitt09/06/2017
  • Beauty Tips & Tricks
    The Dopest Hair Braid Inspo

    Nowadays, braids aren’t just a quick fix to easily manage hair. Braids have become more elaborate and extravagant. More so, they’re...

    Romana Hai02/20/2017
  • Fall Fashion
    Fall/Winter Outfit Inspiration

    Grabbing the cutest pics from around the web in hopes to inspire your Fall/Winter wardrobe

    Romana Hai11/17/2016
  • Beauty Tips & Tricks
    Summer Hair Goals

    Summer is the season where you should be totally inspired to try out those coveted hair styles you always see on...

    Romana Hai06/26/2016
  • Celebrity
    15 Times Kim Kardashian Looked Bomb As F$ck!

    Lets face it, ever since Kayne and Kim Kardashian became an item, her fashion game has been amazing. Right? Well, if...

    Romana Hai04/02/2016
  • Fashion Advice
    How To Improve Your Style With One Simple Trick

    Have you ever wondered just how those girls on Instagram and Pinterest have the best outfits? Or just how they even...

    Romana Hai03/01/2016
  • Fashion Advice
    Fashion That Blew Up Pinterest In 2015

    I’m beyond obsessed with Pinterest. I mean come on, what girl isn’t? So while I spend my evenings carefully curating my Pinterest boards...

    Romana Hai12/30/2015
  • Fashion Advice
    The Store With All The Pinterest Looks

    Almost every girl these days is literally obsessed with Pinterest. It’s where we all go for some fashion, do-it-yourself, foodie or decor...

    Romana Hai09/16/2015