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What It’s Like To Live Like A Fashion Blogger


Last month Chrissy Rutherford, Senior Digital Editor at Harper’s Bazaar, got the chance of a lifetime, an opportunity to join an influencer trip to Ibiza, Spain, which was hosted by luxury e-commerce site FWRD by Elyse Walker.


Note: FWRD is owned by the founders of Revolve. And Revolve is notorious for their influencer based #RevolveAroundTheWorld trips.

Rutherford was fortunate enough to be invited tot FWRD’s very first excursion which essentially put Revolve’s influencer trip formula to the test.

She was also the first editor to go on a trip like this and admitted to being a little apprehensive about it.

Rutherford asked herself:

  • Would I feel like an outsider?
  • Would I be stuck by myself while everyone was busy taking photos?

After all, Rutherford had never met Negin MirsalehiCamila CoehloorSara Escudero, and briefly met Chriselle Lim and Evangelie Smyrniotaki during NY Fashion Week.

Here are Rutherford’s biggest takeaways from her week of living like a blogger:

Everything is really about a moment

So the entire point of trips like these are for influencers to create content.

And the Revolve/FWRD team know exactly how to coordinate picture-perfect moments.

And guess that, it’s all about location, location, location.

What It's Like To Be A Fashion Blogger

Fashion director, Elyse Walker, chose Ibiza.

Why? She has been vacationing on the island for years.

The FWRD location consisted of an all-white villa in Sant Josep and infinity pool.

There are so many outfit changes

When packing for a trip, most of us tend to pack pieces that can be worn multiple times in multiple ways.


But when you’re an influencer, you simply can’t do that.


Because content is king.

What It's Like To Be A Fashion Blogger


Influencers are expected to provide a constant steam of photos providing outfit inspiration.

These girls spent most of their time shooting anywhere from 2-3 outfits around the villa and if there were off location excursions, they definitely prepped for a second look.

It’s a team effort

The fabled tale of the stylish girl being photographed by her boyfriend and finding success as a fashion blogger still rings true.

The perfect duo: the fashion blogger and the photographer boyfriend.

Yes, it’s actually a thing.

On this trip, every influencer brought their boyfriends or husbands who are part of their businesses.

Both Coelho and Mirsalehi are managed by their significant others, and when on trips like this, they double as photographers.

What It's Like To Be A Fashion Blogger

But when at home or during hectic times like fashion month, these bloggers will typically shoot with seasoned photographers.

Also, if that wasn’t enough, these girls also have branding and development teams, publicists and many others who help in keeping their success going.

Influencers are willing to share Instagram tips

Ever wonder how these influencers get their photos to be so perfect?

Whether it’s about having the right camera equipment, the photo editing app you’re using, or even how often to post (typically 3x per day)—these girls were not afraid to spill the details. They were all willing to help!

Their fans are everywhere

On the FWRD getaway, all the influencers were pushing a million+ followers.

Negin Mirsalehi currently holds 4+ million, while Camila Coelho holds 6.4 million.

What It's Like To Be A Fashion Blogger

And as Rutherford tagged along for the blogger experience, she noticed it was nearly impossible to go anywhere without a blogger being recognized by their followers.

Rutherford notes that fans cried upon meeting Coelho and some of her fans even managed to find the itinerary of the  FWRD trip and waited for Coelho’s  arrival at a restaurant one evening.

You need to think beyond Instagram

So it’s not just about creating one spectacular image anymore, or sharing your life via Instagram Stories.

Fashion bloggers are now vlogging and creating amazing video content to allow their followers to step further into their world.

Mirasalehi created a video which documented the entire week in Ibiza while Chriselle Lim filmed a boat day to Formentera.

Sometimes you just have to drink the Kool-Aid

Rutherford admits that it’s really hard NOT to be inspired by these influencers. After all, they are powerful influencers who know how to create a beautiful moment.

Rutherford did as the bloggers did— she changed outfits for each and every outing, and had her photo taken by whoever was willing.

She notes that Evangelie Smyrniotaki even let her borrow her photographer on multiple occasions.

What It's Like To Be A Fashion Blogger

Rutherford decided to increase her Instagram frequency which went from 2-3 times per week, to 3x per day.

The payoff is real

Rutherford notes that by the end of the trip she had gained just under 1,000 followers in a week and FWRD’s Instagram account had gained well over 10,000 followers.

What It's Like To Be A Fashion Blogger



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