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Every Reason Why You’ll Want To Work For Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat


In 2016, Bernstein made the Forbes 30 Under 30reached the 1.5 million mark when it came to Instagram followers, launched a clothing line called Second Skin Overalls and also debuted Archive Shoes.


But not only did she make headlines, rack up followers and launch a couple of fashion lines, she also added to her team!

Danielle Bernstein’s Team: 

Maureen Paretti – a FIT graduate, who started with Danielle back in 2013 as her Personal Assistant. Moe was able to get a couple of promotions throughout the years and now currently stands as Chief Brand Officer at WeWoreWhat.

Courtney Ratner – a Boston University graduate who started in 2016 as the Brand Coordinator for both WeWoreWhat and Second Skin Overalls.

And if you just happen to have a true love for fashion and also follow the WeWoreWhat team on Instagram and Snapchat, you’ve probably contemplated revising and sending your resume in hopes of having the honor to join the team yourself.

And if you’re one of those people who don’t get the hype…

Here is every reason why you’ll want to work for We Wore What:

Your CEO Cares About Your Birthday.

Lunch and mimosa’s on Bernstein.

She’ll style you for Paris Fashion week.

So not only do you get to GO to Paris Fashion week, but she’ll also try to dress you in what she think you’ll amazing in. How sick does Moe look in this outfit?!


You get to model her new line.

When the line is fab, you model the sh*t out of your bosses newly launched apparel.

Did we say she really cares about your birthday?

Bernstein threw Moe an amazing 22nd birthday bash, complete with a hangover.

Normal flowers are just basic.

It’s one thing to get flowers from your boss, but black flowers? HELL YES.

She’s probably the best at gift giving.

Casually walking into your office and seeing Saint Laurent booties from your boss? Um WHAT?!

Um, yeah she really doesn’t f*ck around with gift giving.

Are you drooling yet?

You get to travel for puppies!

Courtney got to travel to bring home baby Brooklyn.

You get to attend fashion week.. NBD.

The fact that Danielle will even bring you to iconic shows is probably more than any fashion addict could ever ask for.

She’ll party with you.

Attending the Saint Pablo tour with your boss is amazing but also documenting a night of red solo cups? Even better.

Weekends at the Revolve House are a thing in the summer.

The Revolve house is a bloggers dream. Why? Only the most elite of fashion bloggers attend and it’s filled with nonstop Instagram photo opportunities as well as networking.




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